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FT3, premium European crow call

The FT3 is the result of nearly ten years of fine tuning and the worldwide standard reference in European crow calling.  It features a wooden barrel in high end grade African Wallnut or Rosewood barrel, a virtually bulletproof mouthpiece in strong space age ABS, a triple stone hard coating and a freezeproof multilayered reed.

In short: a very fine and, at the same time, an ultra tough workhorse that will not let you down, whether in cold arctic Russian conditions or under the blazing sun of the French Pyrenees.

The FT3 its voice is tuned to the European carrion and hooded crow.  Many people think that these birds are very different but in fact these birds are very closely related and make the exact same sound.

Apart from these birds the FT3 is also known to attract jackdaws (often in huge numbers ) and magpies.
The range of this call is up to 500 meters with the wind in your advantage, this range is unique in its kind and is achieved to a special production process we developed here in Belgium.
Check out some our video’s to see for yourselves what sounds a experienced caller can generate with the FT3.

The manual and videofile of the FT3 (copyrighted material) will guide the user through the crow vocabulary and reveal a lot of tips and tricks of how good  crow calling is done.

The FT3 is available in the heavy and very fine structured African Rosewood.  This wood is so heavy that, when freshly cut, it will sink in water.
Because of this, the wood is not always so easy to work with but it also a guarantee for a very aggressive sounding crow call.

For the admirers of the nr. 1 wood for hunters, Walnut, we have selected a fine batch of African Wallnut, origin Ghana,  to give that special and highly sought after look which is so popular in the European hunting scene.

MDX, Universal combi corvid call

The MDX is the successor of the MID-call and the very first call we made out of another material then wood.

It was developed to generate a different corvid-sound then the FT3 to keep the birds interested, especially when calling frequently the same area. It is also very effective in the period period june until august when there is less corvid migration in Western Europe and you only have the local birds to call in which are already familiar with your FT3.

During this period you mostly call to the same birds in your area and the ones that are still there are the smarter and more experienced crows which offer tremendous challenges in calling.

The MDX can be used in two different ways.

  • As a Magpie in  Distress call.  Use short calls, in full panic, it helps when you think that you are being ripped apart!

  • As a classic young crow call. This imitates the sound of a less dominant and younger hooded or carrion crow. The FT3 on the other hand imitates a real dominant crow and has a deeper, more aggressive and louder type of sound.

The Belblatt, a very fine roe-call

The Belblatt was developed during our hunting holidays in recent years  in the French department of the Gers, famous for its beautiful rolling hills, its large hunting areas and big, old roebucks which are often a real challenge in calling and hunting.

The Belblatt has an a-typical upwards positioned reed and a very steep toneboard which is quite uncommon in this type of call.

This special design was originally  created to prevent the reed from sticking to the toneboard and blocking the sound, a phenomenom which is quite common with some other open reed callers and which is caused by saliva of the user.

Through the proces of finetuning the BelBlatt we found out that our calls also got a greater variety in sound this way and at the same time reacted much faster to the efforts of the person using it.

Because of the latter, it is a perfect call to use completely handsfree and this for all the known roe-calls, the Belblatt is truly unique in this way.
It  can be used for calling in bucks during the rut in which it absolutely shines but it can also be used  for calling in does and fawns at the right time of the year.

The design itself of this call is kept simple, it is a real working horse and can be taken apart and cleaned very easily. It is built to last and extra reeds and rubbers are ready available if required.

A user manual and instructive video is available for our customers, roe-calling and hunting is super exiting with the Belblatt!

Pop Up Bullet Ammo Box

Designed as an alternative  for the leather bullet pouches,  which often tend to discolor the bullets , and the cheap plastic bullet holders.

The lid is made out of massive , 4 mm thick stainless steel and can be engraved easily so the box becomes a personal item and makes a perfect gift for any hunter.

The box itself is made out of a solid piece of American wallnut and is suitable to hold 5 bullets. All bullet types between .243 win.  and calibre  9.3 mm * 63 will fit these boxes, it is very  universal because of this.

The box itself is spring operated and the springs are, just like the lid, made out of high end stainless steel.

Outer dimensions of the box are approx. 90*80*27 mm and the weight is around 150 grams, lid included.
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